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I am a professional nature photographer who emphasizes connections between positive mental health, nature, and art. I hope to use my experience as a meditative, contemplative photographer to help people suffering from mental health issues. As someone who has battled depression on and off for many years, I've strived to find inner peace. While I do not claim to have found it, I experienced a great passion via what I call the “art form of nature.” It is my hope that by observing my photos, the viewer may experience much of the same blessings of calm and awe that I feel during my moments of mindfulness.

I currently reside in Richland, WA. Prior to a recent move across country, I worked over 16 years as a Library Specialist at Duke University Libraries. To date, I've been featured in 8 photography exhibits. I was also a volunteer photographer at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens for roughly 7 years. My artistic approach is documented in the Duke Gardens’ video at .
Instagram: @whanley3

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