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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member?  Fill out and submit the form on the Membership page.

Do I have to be juried in to be a member?  No.  We accept all artists.

Do I have to be an adult to be a member?  You must be at least 18. 

How much are dues?  The dues are $21 for a calendar year, payable in January.

Where do I send my dues?  Make checks payable to Art Works Northwest and mail to Art Works Northwest, P. O. Box 2292, Richland, WA 99352. There is also a link to pay via Square on the Membership page.

Is there a charge to exhibit?   Businesses do not charge or pay artists to exhibit their artwork. Some of them charge a commission when they sell the art.

Are there restrictions on art exhibited?  Types and styles of art are determined by the venue.  In general all art is acceptable subject to hanging conditions and space available. Many venues are open to the public and “family friendly” work is requested. The venue owner has the right to refuse to hang any piece of art for any reason.

Will my work be safe?  While businesses agree to take reasonable precautions to prevent any damage to the art neither Art Works Northwest nor the business owner will be responsible for accidental damage to your art work.  We recommend having your own insurance to cover any losses you may have.

Can I hang matted work without frames?  No. Art work to be hung on walls must be sturdy and framed or have wrap-around edges on canvases (gallery wrap). All work must be wired. No prong hangers or other methods will be allowed.

Do the venues sell my work?  For most venues purchasers must contact the artist directly to arrange a sale. Contact information is posted next to the art on cards supplied by Art Works Northwest. Some venues who handle sales for the artist will charge a commission. Venue coordinators will have that information.

Are there ever any new places to hang our art besides the established venues?  Yes, sometimes we have requests for one-time displays. These have included requests for art in conjunction with drama and music productions, and exhibits in Walla Walla, Ellensburg, Othello and Moses Lake.

How do I know when a venue will be hung or rehung?  Member artists will be notified of upcoming display opportunities by the Art Works NW Exhibit Committee. Each venue is assigned a coordinator who works with the venue to schedule the installation and removal of art displays. Prior to the installation of a group show, an email will be sent out to all members detailing the location, date and time, and any specifics related to the display being installed. The emails will always provide the name and contact information for the venue coordinator should anyone have questions.


How long do exhibits hang? The duration for the exhibits will vary depending on the venue, ranging from 30 to 90 days. During the display installation, the venue coordinator will act as the curator and take the lead while the display is being installed. Their job is to insure all the work is installed safely and that the display is installed in a professional, visually pleasing manner. Artists are expected to arrive on time with their art during the installation of a new display, and to return to the venue to collect their art when the exhibit is taken down.

Do I have to leave my work up the entire display period?  You should choose art that can remain up for the entire time. If a piece is sold before the exhibit ends artists should contact the venue leader to arrange for a replacement piece to be installed. No art work should be removed during the hanging period without the knowledge of the venue coordinator who is also responsible for notifying the venue of any changes.

Does Art Works Northwest have meetings?  We have bi-monthly salons open to all members. These are social events and are in no way mandatory. Spouses are welcome. The salons are potluck dinners, the time and place is publicized in emails to members.

Who is responsible for running Art Works Northwest? We have a Board of Directors elected at the annual meeting each November consisting of a Director, Deputy Director, Secretary, Treasurer, and Exhibit Coordinator. In addition there are subcommittees for publicity, fundraising and Tour D’Arts.

What is Tour D’Arts?  This is an Art Works Northwest event held the third weekend in October. Members have the opportunity to show and sell their art in their home studio or in a sponsoring venue. Past years have numbered 25 different venues including many Red Mountain wineries.  More information is available on the Tour D’Arts page of this website.

Does Art Works Northwest have a Facebook page?  Yes.

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