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Hi… I’m Chris. Like a lot of us,  life has taken some unexpected twists and turns. Until I was 48, I followed the corporate career track. Went to college, worked for large companies and climbed the proverbial corporate ladder. Maybe because I flunked art in grade school, I was pretty sure I had no artistic ability. And my mother would’ve confirmed that “fact” (another story for another time).

For some reason though, I signed up for a watercolor class in 2007. I can’t pinpoint exactly WHY the 10 week watercolor lessons beckoned to me. However, the compulsion to attend caused me to try three times to sign up.

Then, after only three lessons, I was stunned to see my first completed painting. I knew I was on to something. Call it “Divine Providence” or the way things are meant to be, this introduction to watercolors changed my life. After only one and half years since taking up the brush, my piece called “Vermont Birches” was featured in The Artist’s Magazine. Some call me “The Unexpected Artist” which seems appropo since I sure didn’t expect to become a professional all!  :-)

Fast forward a few years:  I've retired early from the corporate gig and supplement my income via the art.  My artwork has been selected for three wine labels. My unusual path to art has been featured in a book.  And my workshops are in high demand.  Suffice to say, I continue to be surprised and delighted by life's twists and turns and feel honored to be able to share my gift.


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