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Artist Background

I was raised in Chicago, Illinois in a small suburb.  The Art Institute was my babysitter.  My father was a very talented and respected architect and helped design Michigan Avenue's " Million Dollar Mile."  My mother was a trained concert soprano.  Music and art were always in our daily life.    


Why Do Artists Need To Create and What Inspires Them?

My art work is very colorful and full of lively patterns.  The style came 9 years ago with the loss of my mother to cancer.  While my mother was undergoing chemo treatments, I would do small sketches at her side for 6 hours.  The painting is a form of therapy that gave my mother and I a sense of peace and happiness.  The style is also what gave me the therapy I needed after losing her to cancer.  I have been painting this way now for 9 years.  My colorful and bright paintings and whimsical patterns will make you smile.


What Keeps Artists Busy?

Retired 12 years Painting Therapist.

2013-present is a full-time artist and part time children's painting instructor. 

Involved with Allied Art Gallery for 8 years.  (The first place I wanted to join when Rick and I moved here from Montana.) 

Showing member of THE GALLERY AT THE PARK and an instructor. 

2006-2010. served as instructor and volunteer chair for the Summer Children's Workshops.

Showing artist at the REACH gift shop. 

Volunteer at McNary Refuge for the children's NatureArts Program. 

Showed in The Chancellors Exhibit in 2014 and 2015.

2014 – 2018 “Meet the Artist” on the American Empress Steamboat.

2015- present member Cyber Art 509 Group.

2015 – present member of the #usKtc Urban Sketchers Tri-City Group.

2015 – present member of The Mid-Columbia Watercolor Society.

2017- present TOUR DE’ ARTS (open studio tour.)

2017 – present Wild Birds Unlimited Store selling my bird watercolor cards and jewelry.  



2006 Real Hero’s Award American Red Cross (rescued 2 baby Swainson Hawks.)

2006 Grape Fest Poster Artist

2010 Prosser Food and Wine Fair Poster Artist

2014 Featured Show with artist Lisa Day at THE GALLERY AT THE PARK

2019 Condotta Award Recipient at THE GALLERY AT THE PARK


Art is a reflection of my heart and mind.

Gail Roadhouse

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