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I first picked up a camera at age 8 when I went to summer camp. I photographed a beautiful waterfall. Later, after the film was developed, my mom announced to the family that my picture of the waterfall was "a lot better" than the one that happened to be in our local newspaper that day. I know, it was my mom, and she may have been a bit biased, but I believed her and that sparked a life-long love of photography.

I currently live in Richland, Washington in the Columbia River Basin. It is a uniquely beautiful environment quite different from the mountains of western Montana where I was born and raised. I share a home with my wonderful family and a sweet cat doing what I love. What more could anyone ask? I am so blessed!

I want to thank you for taking the time to browse my portfolio. My hope is that my images will speak of the transcendent beauty in creation and capture your imagination. If you have any questions about my artwork, please feel free to contact me, using the various links on this page.




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