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Margo has been drawing and painting most of her life, and her style and techniques are primarily self-taught. She has developed her own unique style with oils.  Many of her paintings are landscapes and wildlife, which reflect her love of nature and the outdoors.  Some of the landscapes are dichromatic, using only black and white. They are heavily textured, with many layers of oils to detail the raw power of light and dark in nature.  Margo and her family always try to fit in hiking, camping, and backpacking into their vacation plans each year.  She says she will never be without inspiration as long as she can visit God’s great outdoors.

Margo began marketing her original paintings professionally in 1994, with the support and encouragement of her husband and best friend Larry, and their daughter Niccole.

Her work is sold at art shows, Foxden Studio or by commission.



Phone: (509) 547-3845

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