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I am a world traveler and enjoy the constant influence of the past on the present in it’s many forms, whether geographical, architectural, cultural or philosophical. My artwork reflects my fascination with the beauty I find in everyday objects...a cloud formation over the hills, the rich contrast of sunlight and shadow, the texture of a petal or a leaf,   If something catches my eye and begs to be shared, I take a photo for reference later in the studio. My favorite medium is watercolor which I have studied for decades.  I try to sketch or paint every day from my photos and travel journals.  I also love to paint plein air, a particular challenge for any artist,  but I find it so satisfying to overcome the obstacles of weather, terrain, insects and gravity!  My experience as an urban sketcher gives me the ability to quickly map out a composition on site. 

The more I learn, the more I look forward to my next journey, whether abroad or in my backyard, and to the inspiration I will discover there.

Phone:  509-781-1908


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