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Rich’s high-relief wall art makes extravagant use of vintage Eastern Washington and Northwest apple and pear box labels that are 65 -100 years old. Each one-of-a-kind piece uses hundreds of rare labels in its construction and takes advantage of the warm colors derived from vintage lithographic processes. He employs designs that draw from modular origami, cubist (fragments), and futurist (movement) influences. The colorful labels are used to create lively fireworks-like displays and kaleidoscope-like patterns that have the illusion of movement while being simultaneously balanced.  Image fragments and slices of landscapes, fruits, and orchards seem to be seeking order through radial and reflective symmetry and also repetition. A center image represents a place of peace that lets the beauty of the creation speak to us quietly, and without words, behind the veneer of a “broken world yearning for things to be made right.”  His 25-year passion for collecting beautiful labels grew into making simple collages, which then grew organically to what it is today. A label is cropped, then folded, and assembled.  Each ray on a star, for example, uses an entire label which shows why hundreds are needed!


Phone: (509) 578-0156



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