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Robert Watkins

I have always loved art of all kinds. As a youngster growing up in Michigan I enjoyed drawing imaginary places and houses, but never pursued a career in art. Instead, I studied geology and mining at the Colorado School of Mines, and spent the first half of my career in the mining industry, working in Idaho, Washington, Colorado and then 2 years in Zambia, Africa. In the second half of my career, I transitioned into environmental and nuclear cleanup, and heavy industrial construction. This phase of life took me to other parts of the US, Alaska, Canada, Qatar, England, Russia and ending up back in Washington state where I retired in 2015.

In my spare time during working years, I delved into making pottery, and painting in acrylics and watercolor. The challenge of watercolor captured my imagination, and continues to be one of my primary interests to this day. Since my retirement, I have been able to focus
more intently on art. My preferred style of painting is “semi-loose” more than realistic, although as an engineer, I have to resist the temptation to get too detailed. I am also an avid gardener, nature lover, and Tai Chi instructor.


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