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Rose Quirk is a ceramic artist from Richland, Wash. who specializes in functional wheel-thrown pottery. The charm of her work is that every piece she creates is unique, and even pieces that are part of a set will be slightly different from one another.


For Rose, a biochemist who has worked for medical and pharmaceutical firms all across the country, art and science have often gone hand in hand. She believes there is a strong correlation between the art of creating a three-dimensional piece of pottery and the visualization skills needed to see and understand chemical elements and molecules.


She creates her artwork in a 500-square foot home studio, where half the room is devoted to throwing and firing clay, and the other half is devoted to finishing.


Rose is also a longtime board member of the Allied Arts Association, where she serves as the Featured Artist Chairperson. Her responsibilities include setting up and managing the exhibits that rotate through the Allied Arts gallery space.


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