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I always knew I wanted to be a painter. As a child, I would save my allowance to buy “paint by number” kits, then use the supplies to make my own paintings on cardboard. There was no art training in the schools, so my mother found me a painting teacher for summer Saturdays when I was 12. What a wonderful summer that was!

My education ended in a degree in Studio Arts, emphasis: oil painting, and a K-12 teaching degree in art. And I did teach for awhile, but had the good fortune to be hired as a Illustrator in a MidWest ad agency in my 20s. The rest of my work life was devoted to commercial art in various jobs and titles.

I am lucky enough to spend most of my time now painting, taking water color classes, and hosting model drawing and painting classes at Allied Art’s Gallery at the Park in Richland, WA.  I thank Cyber Art 509 for helping me to show my work, and I hope you enjoy them.


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