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I love to see colors work with each other to create a picture that is up to your personal interpretation. As an industrial designer my work is visual but controlled by the requirements of the equipment or job. Through acrylic pouring and resin art I have found a way to express the beauty in colors that I see in the world. My daughter and I often do art together to connect and express ourselves. Together my son, daughter and I are working to create our own “Chromatic Art Studio,” a place for the three of us to enjoy each other’s company and vision. I never felt like I was good at art though I have always loved color.  I could never get my vision to show in the real world; now I can.

I live in Richland, Washington with my husband, daughter (11) and 6 furry kids. We like to spend time exploring, camping and fishing. At the end of a long day mixing paint and creating different colors soothes the soul.


Shanna MacPherson


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Shanna MacPherson
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