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I began painting in 2012, with a home décor project, and then began experimenting with the leftover paints. I am self- and YouTube-taught and have generally leaned toward photo realistic presentations.

I focused the past few years on “poured” or “batik” technique as practiced by Linda Baker ( “Batik” challenges include requiring good judgment and comparison of values, careful drawing, patience waiting for drying of both masking agents (large areas) and very wet washes of liquid paint, and determination facing the technique's unpredictability and the “ugly stages.”

I have illustrated two children's books by Karen Nicksich about a rescued golden retriever named Gus; Book 1 of the series, Gus Finds His Way Home has won 3 awards, including Royal Dragonfly and Moonbeam; Book 2, Gus Finds A New Friend, went to print in March 2021; Book 3 is in planning stage.

Though there is not a particular theme I am passionate about painting, I clearly like cats, and painting them is a great substitute for owning a living version. They work for my current artistic inspiration, be it standard watercolor technique, “batik”, or collage; abstract, whimsy, or realism.

Steph Bucci Art 

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