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Since I was young, I’ve always loved all things colorful. Like a crow, I couldn't help being attracted to shiny objects, bright colors, even pretty bugs. I continuously looked for creative ways to play with color - clay, chalk, paints, beads, and oh that beloved crayon box. I’ve never grown out of playing with color, although I’ve learned to avoid some of those pretty bugs.

For more than 20 years, I worked with glass beads, crystals, fabrics, fibers, polymer clay and plastic to create beautiful jewelry. I wrote a "how to" book in jewelry design called "Fast and Fancy" Friendly Plastic by Susan Alexandra, published by Hot Off the Press.

 Although I love to create jewelry, my attention has moved to watercolors. I have fallen in love with its movement, texture, beautiful transparency and depth.

Recently I’ve had the fortunate experience to study watercolors with some of my favorite artists, Linda Kemp in Oahu, Jeanne Carbonetti in Sedona, and Allura Westly in Phoenix. It was the most fun ever to immerse myself with these great artists, although humbling, extremely inspiring.

I am in my "right" mind and living my dream!


Phone: (509) 628-6656



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