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Terri Rice teaches art in both group and private classes to all ages. She also has shown her art in both solo and group shows and has been juried into a number of exhibitions. She has sold her work throughout the United States and internationally.
She has been painting in watercolor the longest but discovered oils many years ago and loves the challenge of both mediums. She has sort of settled into bright watercolor still life and more
subtle oil landscape, but also loves the challenge of a good abstract painting and the whimsy of a colorful bunny. As a native Bostonian, she learned the art of  scrimshaw and has passed that
treasure on to others in workshops.
The hardest part of an artist’s statement is letting people into that private world that happens sitting at the table and letting the brushes and paint colors share the feelings. There are stories behind the dark moody theme and others behind the cheerful colors. It is always a thrill to create a piece of art that resonates with the viewer.

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