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Winston Haycock has been painting since 1978 and has made over 50,000 works , selling most of them in Seattle and in cities on the west coast . Winston has become a well known west coast painter and his work is collected all over the world - he paints every day , keeping up with demand of his work . Trained classical oil painter : popular imagery and color set his unique whimsical style which is on- going , inspired by 
storybooks and costume , the portrait and the fantastic , mixed with the nostalgia of the great movie stars and singers , past and present . Mixed Media artist : texture , glazing , faux and old-world techniques , found objects , plaster , oil , acrylic , alkyd , table salt , textiles , resins , glass , wax - oil encaustic bonding and reverse painting with many other techniques are what Winston enjoys using . The combination of new materials allow exciting discovery as his paintings develop . 

Winston says:  I am inspired by smiles and costume , color and texture , grace and ‘’fun’’, and mostly to have a good time when I paint . There is always something new to come out of me when I work , that’s the reason I do it mainly , to find out what’s in there , it manifests as long as I stay in the studio ( I average eight hours a day , six days per week ).

So , busy every day painting , I do take breaks to research and collect new materials to use . My oil paintings have been blessed with a very unique style : these whimsical paintings of nostalgia/narrative style comes from a great love of children’s storybooks ( I grew up with the Little Golden Books).These paintings always will include someone famous and smiling , as if smiling for a photograph in their own fun world . A typical oil like these take anywhere from 60 to 120 hrs’ to complete , and my mixed media work average 10-20 hrs. each. ( All original work for  purchaseshown are current mixed media , please inquire about the narrative nostalgia oil paintings)

Phone:  206-512-9792



Facebook: Original Winston Art

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