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Yu-Heng Dade

A Chinese native, she moved from Taiwan to Tri-Cities, Washington more than 20 years ago. As time went by, her artist dream was forgotten until a few years ago when she entered her artwork into a local gallery and won one of the cash prizes. She could not believe that she had the ability to create an image in her head just by using simple geometric shape and color. The creative process was incredibly  fulfilling beyond her wildest dreams. In addition, she also enjoyed taking photos and learning to paint with acrylics and watercolors.

Growing up, Yu-Heng Dade enjoyed sketching with pencils. Creating her own work had always been at the back of her mind and it was not until much later she began her creative explorations. Many years later, she was surprised the computer screen became her free canvas. Her artwork starts as either a simple square or a round shape then she fills up the shape with a variety of color; this shape she then stretches and twists to create her art.


Inspired by artists like Dale Chihuly and Ansel Adams, it was  eye opening for her to see how different art forms can translate into simple but also very complex  forms of color, light and shape. In her own words, “Creating an original artwork and only deliver one of kind piece to your heart had always been my dream since I was a child. Allowing my mind to escape from reality through any imaginary objects, color, shape, and abstract form is totally mind freeing experience.”
• Yakima Enological Society Award, Larson Art Gallery, Yakima, WA “Natural Intertwined”
• Burger Memorial Award, Allied Art at the Park, Richland, WA “Show Off” 2018

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