Growing up, Yu-Heng enjoyed sketching with pencils and she loved viewing graphic art and wanted to be able to create her own pieces.  When she saw Ansel Adam's photography and Chihuly's glass work, it was eye opening to her how different art forms can translate into a such simple but also very complex color, light and shape.

It was not until in her early 40's that the computer screen became her canvas. In her words, “Allowing my mind to create an original piece is extremely rewarding and a totally mind freeing experience. To explore any imaginary objects or color in some way is my escapefrom reality."
All her pieces start as either a simple square or round shape. She fills up with different color then starts to stretch and twist the shape.

Besides creating her own art work, she also enjoys taking photos and likes to change them to make something different. Learning how to oil paint and water color is her future wish.

Although abstract form is her main style, you may find some solid objects like the ocean, mountains, birds, trees, and even a face in her work. One of her favor quotes from Ansel Adams is "Quality is important, simple things become alive." This has inspired her through her creative process.

Yu-Heng Dade does custom work. She won one of the second highest awards from Gallery at the Park in 2018 and she has two pieces of art showing at The Reach Museum in December, 2018.

Phone: (509)366-7725


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