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In my images the general intention may be somewhat nebulous, but I desire to present calm and peace through abstraction or a painterly intention.  I start with an inspiration from perhaps a song or movie, or an experience and turn it into a photograph.  It’s interesting in what happens when reality intersects with imagination.  With much of my work I dance between a realistic photographic image and digital painting.


When people experience my work, I want them to see the photograph through their own experience and perhaps see mine. What happens when an image of a flower or a landscape can evoke an emotion, an inspiration or a shared experience?

I am a fine art photographer based in Richland, Washington.  My work has been featured in joint and solo exhibitions, online publications, various printed materials and won awards at juried art shows.  When I’m not taking photos of flowers, I can probably be found in my little flower “farm” encouraging my next subjects to grow.



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