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Caroline Blackburn grew up in the town of Mancos, Colorado, and lived much of her childhood in the Thompson Park Valley between Durango and Mancos. The agricultural surroundings and available visible evidence of the history of that valley launched her interest in history and how places and people change through time. Caroline's deep respect and love of art was cultivated by her father, Berkeley Bryant, who was an artist himself. He taught her the life of a single line and what it means to observe and find character in everything. 

Caroline is drawn to the link between the emotions of people and their history, and seeing those two elements play out in the actions of and environments created by people. Her work often has an underlying sense of solitary introspection or one-on-one interaction. The lines and shapes in Caroline's work can be described as sketch-like or fluid. To her, a work of art has life if its lines are still moving. 

Caroline earned a BA in Art History, with a minor in Theater Design, from Colorado State University, and an MLS, with a focus on archival science, from the University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin. She has worked as a scenic and lighting designer, archivist and curator of history collections, an artist and a mother. Caroline works primarily in oils and watercolors. She currently lives in Richland, Washington.



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