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I love and respect all of nature. I see beauty everywhere I look! I like to create using the most beautiful things that nature provides - - seashells are my thing. There are so many to choose from and seafood is my favorite cuisine. One time after an oyster fest, I found myself not wanting to discard the beautiful shells left behind and that started my love affair with the shells. Seashell fountains were born.

I do have other interests - - music, writing songs and aromatherapy. Fountains are one of my hobbies when time allows. I thank God every day for our beautiful earth.

Each fountain is custom made and constructed entirely from sea shells gathered from the ocean. Since no two shells are identical, each fountain is unique. We can, however, try to duplicate the style of a fountain.
The fountains vary in height and width. The average height is about 11 to 13 inches and width is about 10 inches at the base. The weight is approximately 10-15 lbs. The heavily tinted glass bowls are of excellent quality and are mdae in Spain. The aqua pumps, which are high quality, made in Italy, are variable flow, capable of pumping 25 to 80 gal per hour. They are silent and function with a ceramic shaft. 
All fountains are pre-tested before being offered for sale and with proper maintenance and care, they will provide hours of enjoyment and last for a very long time. Workmanship guaranteed.


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